Welcome to A Recipe For Service

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Greetings, All!

I want to welcome you to the first post in my new blog.  I want to start with a very little about me.  I am an accidental culinarian – falling into this amazingly dysfunctional career and loving every minute of it.  For twenty years I have worked my way through kitchens and dining rooms and now I find myself a District Manager in Higher Education Dining Services.  Now before you switch off, just know that we have come a long way over the years in this line of service and the food is no longer the “mystery meat” of old, but rather something of which to be very proud.  I have spent time running kitchens, leading leaders, and most importantly, serving customers.

And that brings me to the point of all of this:  The Customer.

I don’t know that there is another business where the customer is so at the center of what we do.  There are some shining examples of fantastic service out there in the restaurant business – and those that fall short.  I am hoping that you’ll take this journey with me as we tackle customer service from both the ground level and a 30,000 foot perspective.  Using examples from my many years taking care of guests and relevant topics from the service universe, I want to be resource to help cut through the clutter, connect the dots, and simply help everyone deliver the service our customers need and deserve.

The best news is that whether you run a bank, a restaurant, or a hardware store, there will be nuggets here that will help you engage your customers and grow your business.

I look forward to our time together.

See you next time.